The power of gunpowder to protect the life

What is pyrotechnical device?

Our main products are pyrotechical devices. They are the devices made by processing and fabricating of explosives for a particular purpose. Some typical devices are electric blasting cap, blasting cap, primer, squib, safety fuse, and electric fuse. Flare and airbag are also included in pyrotechnical device.

Hosoya Pyro-engineering Co., Ltd. carries out the total business of “CREATE→USE→DISPOSE” in pyrotechnical device.

Now, we reserch and develop not only pyrotechnical  devices but also other high erergy materials. 

We aim to contribute to society through these businesses.


In collaboration with universities and various research institutes, we conduct the research and development on the synthesis and reaction mechanism of high-energy new materials.

pyrotechnical devices
We manufacture and sell various inflators, cartridges and signal cartridges including somke signals and flare signals.